List will depend on players age and competition level:
  • Junior tennis (under 14, 16, 18)
    Price (per a month): 1500 Euros
  • Professional tennis (WTA, ITF, ATP)
    Price (per a month): 2000 Euros
  • Collage tennis preparation
    Price (per a month): 2000 Euros
    For the price that our clients are paying our team will provide:
  • Apartment
  • Food
  • Tennis court's (morning and afternoon lesson's)
  • Tennis fitness (morning)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Mental coaching
  • Yoga
  • New tennis equipment (balls, marks, hurdles, ect.)
  • Full training planning
  • Training evaluation and advance keeping up
  • Indoor fast court's, outdoor clay court's, outdoor fast court's, track and field, indoor gymnasium (spa, swimming pool)