Tennis Ball
Learning Pyramid
    Our team provides professional coaching for different level of players:
  • Junior tennis (under 14, 16, 18)
  • Professional tennis (WTA and ATP)
  • Collage tennis

Our team work is systematical. Every aspect of the tennis game would be steadily improved.We will make sure that players don't skip any part of the game.Recognition and good planning is the main source of good results. What makes our team high quality is tactical part of tennis that makes a difference ,good-not so good,both player and coach.Understanding tennis game and learning how to use court space is a special thing that makes player championship.

    Our team work consists of:
  • Full player scanning (observation)
  • Full tennis and fitness planning
  • Steady improvement in all the aspects of tennis game with the follow up of fitness abilities
  • Good communication with a players and parents due to our team work and goals we are going to achieve
  • Full tournament planning
  • Mental improve of the player
  • Tennis tactics
  • Hard work on court as we expect that both coach and player give their best
  • Our team is using different methods on court to get player set up for a good practice
  • Yoga lesson's for players mind, strength and stretching ability
  • Our team works together with a players to set up the goals they want to achieve and we are there to make it happened
  • Nutrition for healt of our players and their sports improvement
  • High class working and living conditions, good facilities and equipment