Outdoor clay

Tennis club Vojvodina is located in the centar of the city. Near court's there is nice park and place is good for practice as there is no traffic or noise. Club was founded in 1922 and it has history of great players, most famous is Monica Selesh. It has 4 clay courts of high quality, locker room, shower, toilets, bar.

Tennis club Meridiana is located not that far from downtown. This is the second location in the city that we are using. Club has good infrastructure (changing rooms,toilets, shower,swimming pool,fitness field,restaurant, hotel).This is a private club so everything is maintained in a high class level.Club has it's own accommodation and it is possible for younger players to stay there.Club workers are very polite and they will take care of all of our clients.

Outdoor fast

Near the river Danube we have 2 fast courts of good quality. Location is great and players can work in peaceful atmosphere.

Indoor fast

Close to downtown there are 4 indoor fast courts of good quality.

Outdoor track and field

Near Danube river there is open track and field stadium with a tartan serfs for running and great location for fitness.

Indoor fitness

Hotel Park is 5 star hotel close to downtown. We have a gym, swimming pool, spa center, restaurant, showers, ect.


Apartments that we provide are high quality. They have proper bedrooms, kitchen, AC, internet, European toilets, living rooms.