Food and Mind

Healthy Food

Our team will provide players with a diet what they are supposed to eat and we will provide cook for them. During a day they will get breakfast, lunch and dinner,plus,we are also providing healthy fruit,snacks and vegetables. Food is on the front line of our work and we want to make sure that health of players goes on the first place. Together with the diet there will be hydration plan as for out and inside the courts. Our nutrition will be based on the natural food.


Yoga is a great way of making mind and body in a same line. It is providing us with a good stretching ability, mental comedown, focus and ability to always stay in line which will give our players advantage on court. Using of all the natural aspects of life gives us advantage and bring our mental level to the right frequency.

Yoga, Girl, Sunset

Tennis mind

Tennis as a game is set up for our mind to overcome opponent and our self in the first place. As we can see that tennis is a game where we open space and try to out smart opponent, that gives us idea of a clear mind game similar to chess. Tennis consists of different working methods and improvement but most important is a mental one. We are looking to steadily improve players mind by thinking in a way how they should play and we want them to understand the game and open new fields. With all the shots, physical abilities, techniques, movement in the right place, mind is the one where we can make a difference.

Human mind


Nature is in many ways important for human life. Relaxing our mind is of great importance both for life and for tennis. Our location in Serbia gives us ability to use it. We have national park Fruska Gora that is very close to the city. It also has a lot of natural lakes and intact nature. Our coaching method is to use nature to refresh, get our mind in line with a nature. New studies have proven that if we spend one day in nature our life will become longer for one month,it is clear why our team has embraced this method. We will organize such a day depending on our planning but it would be minimum once in two weeks.

Nature, Forest, Lake

Water training

Water, as the main resources for our life,is of more then great importance. Water training is not new thing in sport. Swimming is a basic sport and it has a good influence on tennis also, it is improving our agility, strength, coordination. Water pressure is used to make our body more difficult to move and that keeps pushing our limit. On top of basic swimming and water running there are different methods for improving our tennis shots with a use of smaller racquet in the water.

Pool, Training