About Us

Gladiator Tennis Team is a new tennis organization based in Serbia, Europe. Its core idea is to make a difference on the tennis market and to offer high quality coaching for our clients. We are offering a system of work that is not topical for tennis academy. Our work consists of individual approach, meaning that every player creates his own path in their tennis career. This type of approach will give space to a player to discover his/her abilities. In this system, our coaches will fully understand all that our client wants. Our team comprises of coaches who have high quality tennis experience with good coaching & education levels. Most of our team has former ATP ranking players, some of them were US college players who also played for the Serbian national team in different categories, foreign tennis coaching experience and great tennis abilities as hitting partners. Our team is making a small change on the tennis market. Our team, players and parents will set a goal for our player determining what they want to achieve in a certain frame of time. We want our clients to see how worthy we are of their trust and that we have the ability to make them great tennis players. Dedication, hardwork, good planning, discipline, intellectual approach are some of the hallmarks of our team. With all the abovesaid, I am very happy to present our team and organization to You. We are very happy to start this new project and we hope You will enjoy looking at our website and co-operating with us in the future.

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Tibor Penzes

Tibor Penzeš

Ivan Milivojević

Nandor Farago

Osama Shaik

Saša Ovuka

Predrag Vlaović